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DISCOVERY. Like all great relationships, the first step is to chat and get a feel for each other's personality. In addition to learning about your needs and wants, I'll also get a vibe for your space and how we can make it work for you!

CONSULT + DESIGN. I'll listen to you and use my design and decorating expertise to create the space of your dreams. Then, we'll have all of our ideas proposed in an organized, vibrant presentation.

INSTALL. The day of the disco! On install day, our entire vision comes to fruition and you get to show off your new and fabulous space to all of your friends and family. 



Investment: $300 for 90 minutes, either in person or via Zoom.

Remodel+ Design

(construction involved)

Design Fee: 30% of total investment + Project Management fees billed at $35/per hour. Products will be billed separately.

All projects begin with a complimentary discovery call.

*All details regarding each package is available upon request.

Design+ Decorate

(no construction involved)

Design Fee: $4,200 + Project Management Fees billed at

$35/per hour. (For oversized rooms up to 1,000 square feet or three small rooms totaling 1,000 square feet). Products will be billed separately.

Have another room and need more time for design? We can

absolutely add-on to this service by room for as many as you need.

E-Design (3D Renders or Step-By-Step Design Pack)


$500 per 3D Render (3 views given)

$1,500 per Design Pack